Winemaking Is An Art

Oftentimes the simplest things in life are also the most complex. In that way, defining whether wine is art is not easy, or whether winemaking is an art form. And if it is, is it an art along the lines of a great painting or sculpture? That’s the kind of abstract thinking that can inspire all kinds of analysis.

The wine is art debate has always been tricky. There are those who insist winemaking isn’t art, but is more a skill, or craft, or merely a process.

Others (often winemakers or wine marketers) insist wine is an art form, since it involves the creativity of using a medium in much the same way that chefs use ingredients. Food lovers use the term “culinary arts” so they obviously see the great chefs as artists. Does that make winemakers artists, and therefore their wines art?

Reader Jonathan Lawrence raised this very question on my Jan. 5 blog on appreciating art and wine on their own terms.

I’m curious about how you view this matter.

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